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Join MyKnowledgeMap, creators of and Myprogress, for a series of webinars focused on ePortfolios in higher education. These webinars ar ...

Degree Apprenticeship Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Delivering Degree Apprenticeships with ePortfolio

Watch our webinar available on-demand on supporting degree apprenticeships with, a visually rich ePortfolio designed to empower learners, from individual programmes to university-wide initiatives.

MyKnowledgeMap & Tribal Group Partner to Deliver End-to-End Solution for Degree Apprenticeship Delivery

MyKnowledgeMap and Tribal Group announce their intention to develop a close integration between their respective products Maytas and to ...

Mini-Webinar Series - Supporting Student Distance Learning & Engagement in

The world of learning and education is increasingly online, but how can we ensure students continue to share, engage, communicate and feel supported? ...

How Can ePortfolios Help Boost Student Employability Skills?

In today’s competitive job market, learners are not only looking at the academic opportunities an educational institution can bring, but the benefits for employability.  Today, more than ever, learners are seeking ways to make themselves stand out, whilst employers are looking for candidates with skills and experiences beyond academia.  

MyKnowledgeMap partners with education technology specialists, RepresentEdTech to deliver its solutions across the Nordic regions

Creators of, MyKnowledgeMap, has recently partnered with RepresentEdTech, a Swedish education technology consultancy, to resell its inno ...

Watch Webinar On-Demand

On-Demand Webinar: Supporting Student Employability & Graduate Outcomes with

Request to Watch Our National Careers Week Webinar On-Demand.  In support of the 2020 National Careers Week, we ran a short webinar to discuss how eP ...

ePortfolio Progress View

Easily Visualise Learner Performance and Progress with ePortfolio,

MyKnowledgeMap, creators of ePortfolio, have now launched 'Progress Views' within the platform, providing an easy-to-use visual dashboard of learner progress and performance all in one place.

ALT Winter Conference Online Webinar: Using to Support the St George's Award

Request to Watch our ALT Online Winter Conference Webinar On-Demand  St George’s University of London (SGUL) has recently launched the George’s Award ...

Digital badges eportfolio

How can digital badges support learner engagement in

Design, create and issue digital badges with forms and tasks - all in our ePortoflio, Open Badges are digital badges used to recognise ...