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Design, create and issue digital badges with forms and tasks - all in our ePortoflio,

Open Badges are digital badges used to recognise, motivate and celebrate learner achievements. These digital badges all have valuable data and information "baked" inside them - making them much more than just an image. This information includes badge criteria, who it was awarded too, and who issued the badge, making your digital badges unique, secure and verifiable.


- an example of how Open Badges appear in 


Now, there are many ways that Open Badges support learning and recognition - from summer reading programs to learning milestones, continuing professional development (CPD) and more. This is why IMS certified Open Badges have been added to our powerful ePortfolio for lifelong learning,

  • Thanks to the inclusion of Open Badges, users can:
  • Easily design and build unique badges with our in-built badge designer
  • Create tasks for learners to complete and automatically receive a badge
  • Reward digital badges to recognise soft skills and technical skills
  • Attach badges to grading schemes to award a digital badge based on a grade achieved
  • Award discretionary badges where you feel a learner has exceeded expectations
  • Ask learners to complete a form or submit an online presentation known as a showcase in that result in the learner receiving a badge

You can do all this and more, and with no 3rd party integration needed; you can get started straightaway!


- attach badges to your grading systems and even reward learners with discretionary badges


Why should I issue Open Badges?

Open Badges allow your learners to demonstrate their development and skills such as communication, teamwork, and more. After receiving an Open Badge, recipients can share their badge to prospective employers, social media followers, recruiters, colleagues, educators and more. With ever increasing skills gaps in various job markets, a digital badge can really set your learners apart from the crowd.

  • -  Your learners can share their badge on blogs, websites, and social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition to this, with, learners can also show off their badges in their own personal ePortfolio.
  • -  Learners can create a digital CV and add their collection of badges to demonstrate a specific skill or area of knowledge
  • -  Learners can easily design and build an online presentation known as a showcase to display their badge alongside the evidence of what they did to earn it
  • -  Learners can collect their badges in their own personal badge backpack in


- a digital CV with Open Badges



How does it work?

Request a demonstration to see and Open Badges working together. Drop us an email at and we'll take you through everything!

Free Guide to Functions & Features

Want a little more detail on the functions and features in Our handy guide provides a checklist of features for learners, educators and administrators.

We hope you find it useful on your journey to discovering the right ePortfolio for you!