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St George’s University of London (SGUL) has recently launched the George’s Award Programme as part of a university-wide strategy to support student engagement in extra-curricular activities whilst at University as well as support the development of employability skills.  To deliver the Award Programme, SGUL has adopted the ePortfolio which integrates with their existing LMS, Canvas and has in-built digital badges to motivate and encourage participation in the Award Programme.

As part of the 2019 ALT Online Winter Conference, we present a short webinar covering how St George’s University of London use and digital badges to help students earn up to 11 individual skills badges based on the extra-curricular activities they are involved in, as well as earn the ultimate George’s Award Badge and Skills Master Badge.

We also discuss:

  • An overview of the St George’s Award project and strategy
  • How SGUL are using digital badges within the Award Programme
  • How digital badges work within the ePortfolio for SGUL
  • How works with St George’s Canvas LMS to deliver the Award
  • Next steps for the Award Programme