Really understand what your people can do

A digital portfolio that lets you view your team's real experiences.

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Map experiences to your strategic competencies

  • Find talent in your organization

    Track and visualize your people's progress as they develop a body of evidence to show how they've achieved competencies, standards and skills that align to specific job roles or aspirations. You can set up the frameworks that are reported against yourself, and explore compelling visualizations.

  • Search on competency

    Need to find a team member with a particular strength or skill set? allows you to plan your teams and work allocation based on hard evidence of capability.

  • View practical experiences

    Capture practical experiences in video, audio and digital formats. Encourage your people to work in a way that is aligned with your organization's core values and aspirations.

  • Manage your internal training

    Manage training activities and missions and allocate staff development activities to your trainers to build powerful, personal training courses for your staff.

  • Build unstoppable project teams

    See who has evidence of what competency, and showcase that evidence to prospects when your organization bids for work. Showcase your people's talent to win business.

  • Manage staff reviews

    Provide support, reviews, feedback and assessment activities to your users and staff from within a comprehensive organizational interface, which can include your own custom forms.

    Some of the key features of include:


    Capture and demonstrate competence on and off the job

    Enable your people to capture and manage photo, video, audio and even personal social media feeds that demonstrate and evidence their skills and capability. enables the mapping of such evidence against your competence frameworks or organizational behaviours.


    Design, create & award Open Badges includes the full function for an organisation to design, define criteria and issue and monitor open badges. And the individual’s showcases now fully support the display of open badges alongside their other achievements. Badges no longer have to live in isolation form other evidence of capability.


    Graphic reporting on staff activity

    The system provides rich visual reporting on individual and group activity, to enable you to see where your people are very active and where they may need some further support, guidance and encouragement.