Educational portfolio features

Provide all your students with a FREE lifelong digital portfolio enabling them to showcase achievement.

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Enable rich learning in a connected world

Support project and assignment work in a way that lets students easily bring in all sorts of photos, videos, social media feeds and multimedia assets, in a modern way

  • Capture their great activities

    Gather items from hundreds of sources around the web or on a mobile device, Chromebook or local PC.

  • Support richer assignments

    Support assignments that benefit from social media feeds your students have created, wherever they are stored.

  • Focus on stunning evidence

    Rich, user-friendly workflows let students focus on capturing and organizing great work.

Support reflection, skills development and lifelong learning

  • Learners' progress reporting

    Track and visualize your students' progress as they develop a body of evidence to show how they've achieved course outcomes, standards and skills. You can set up the frameworks that are reported against yourself, and explore compelling visualizations.

  • Users, groups and cohorts

    With the organizational subscription, users can choose to keep their own personal account and join one of your groups, sharing their data with you and accessing the resources, activities and assessment workflows that you make available to them.

  • Design and issue digital badges

    Recognize achievements in a way that students can easily showcase and share using Mozilla Open Badges. A set of tools within your admin area make digital badging quick and intuitive, while students have excellent support for displaying badge information.

  • Create and share standards & frameworks

    Guide students' development by allocating frameworks for them to work with. Use your course's learning outcomes, employability skills that you've developed, or apprenticeship frameworks.

  • Encourage reflection with flexible forms

    Support your students' reflective learning, evidencing of skills and self evaluation by creating reflective templates and forms. A powerful form builder makes it quick and easy to create your own templates and allocate them to learners or groups.

  • Manage the showcase review process

    Provide support, reviews, feedback and assessment activities to your users and students from within a comprehensive organizational interface.

    Some of the key features of include:


    Capture soft skills and creativity

    Enable your students to capture and curate photo, video, audio and even personal social media feeds that demonstrate and evidence their soft skills and creativity. enables the mapping of such evidence against your frameworks.


    Award Open Badges includes the full function for an organisation to design, define criteria and issue and monitor open badges. And the students' showcases now fully support the display of open badges alongside their other achievements. Badges no longer have to live in isolation from other evidence of achievement.


    Reporting on student activity

    The system provides rich visual reporting on student and group activity, to enable you to see where individual students are very active and where they may need some further support, guidance and encouragement.